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Beverly Hills || Senior Poll

"The video is the 25 episode of the third season of the famous Beverly Hills 90210 called Senior Poll"

Beverly Hills 90210 is a primetime television soap opera which originally centered the characters in fraternal twins Brandon and Brenda Walsh who moved with their parents. However, during the show’s run it shifted substantially to many topical issues like date rape, alcoholism, drug abuse, teenage suicide and teenage pregnancy. Where it followed the lives of a group of teenagers living in the posh, star-studded community of Beverly Hills, California and attending the fictitious West Beverly Hills High School and then-fictitious California University.

The "90210" in the title refers to one of the suburb's postal codes in Beverly Hills and the series became one of the FOX’s top shows when it began to fall the seasons.

Genre: Drama Channel: FOX
Original Run: October 4 1990, 1987 – May 17, 2000
No. of episodes: 296 (Seasons 1-10)
Created By: Darren Star

Main Cast:
  • Jason Priestley – Brandon Walsh
  • Shannen Doherty – Brenda Walsh
  • Jennie Garth – Kelly Taylor
  • Luke Perry – Dylan McKay
  • Ian Ziering – Steve Sanders
  • Gabrielle Carteris – Andrea Zuckerman
  • Brian Austin Green – David Silver
  • Tori Spelling – Donna Martin
  • Carol Potter – Cindy Walsh
  • James Eckhouse – Jim Walsh
  • Douglas Emerson – Scott Scanlon
  • Joe E. Tata – Nat Bussichio
  • Kathleen Robertson – Clare Arnold
  • Tiffani-Amber Thiessen – Valerie Malone
  • Hilary Swank – Carly Reynolds
  • Vanessa Marcil – Gina Kincaid

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Forever- Beauty and the Beast (20th Anniversary)

“The video clip for dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the series with carrier theme song “Forevermore” (April 12, 1987).”

Beauty and The Best was an American TV series that originally broadcast in the year of 1987. The story centered in two lead characters; Beauty, Catherine (Linda Hamilton) was an Assistant District Attorney who lives in New York. The beast, Vincent (Ron Perlman) who’s a gentle but had a lion-faced who belongs to a society of misfits and outcast dwelling in the tunnel beneath the city.

The title of these series is being inspired by the fairy tale of the said tile of the show which is particular in some connection to the Jean Cocteau French film of the 1946, “La Belle et la Bête.

Genre: Drama Channel: CBS
Original Run: September 1, 1987 – August 1, 1990
No. of episodes: 56 (Seasons 1-3)
Created By: Ron Koslow

Main Cast:

  • Linda Hamilton – Catherine Chandler
  • Ron Perlman – Vincent (The Beast)
  • Roy Dotrice – Father
  • Jay Acovone – Joseph Maxwell

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Favorite Clips :: Babylon 5

“Some of my favorite clips to Babylon 5 the TV series which coming from seasons one to four. Hope you will be able to like too…Enjoy!”

Babylon 5 is an epic American TV series which focused on the Babylon 5 space station, a focal point for politics, diplomacy and wars in the late 2250’s up to early 2260’s. This TV series is being noted for its heavy reliance on pre-planned story arcs over its five year run and sometimes being described as a “novel for television”. For the brief story as the series starts, the space station is welcoming ambassadors from various races in the galaxy. Earth has just barely survived an accidental war with the powerful “Minbari”, who, despite their superior technology, mysteriously surrendered at the brink of the destruction of the human race (the Battle of the Line).

As evidence of the success, This TV series had won and received many awards including two Hugos for “Best Dramatic Presentation” and two Emmy Awards for “Best Make-up and Visual effects.”

Genre: Science-Fiction Channel: PTEN (1994-1997) – TNT (1998)
Original Run: February 22, 1993 – November 25, 1998
No. of episodes: 110 (Seasons 1-5)
Created By: J. Michael Straczynski

Main Cast:
  • Mary Kay Adams – Na'Toth
  • Richard Biggs – Stephen Franklin
  • Bruce Boxleitner – John Sheridan
  • Julie Caitlin Brown – Na'Toth
  • Jason Carter – Marcus Cole
  • Claudia Christian – Susan Ivanova
  • Jeff Conaway – Zack Allan
  • Jerry Doyle – Michael Garibaldi
  • Mira Furlan – Delenn
  • Stephen Furst – Vir Cotto
  • Peter Jurasik – Londo Mollari
  • Andreas Katsulas – G'Kar
  • Michael O'Hare – Jeffrey Sinclair
  • Bill Mumy – Lennier
  • Robert Rusler – Warren Keffer
  • Tracy Scoggins – Elizabeth Lochley
  • Patricia Tallman – Lyta Alexander
  • Andrea Thompson – Talia Winters

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Original Theme Song || American Dreams

“This video was the introductory theme song of this series called “Our Generation” that written and performed by Emerson Hart of the TONIC Band”

American Dreams was American TV series drama and had filmed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and parts at Lehigh University. It initially aired on Sundays at 8:00pm, but moved to the same time on Wednesdays from March 9, 2005 to the third season finale (March 30, 2005). The show tells the story of the Pryor family of Philadelphia during the 1960s. Season one takes place in 1963-64, season two in 1964-65, and season three in 1965-66. The show was known as "Our Generation" when it debuted in Australia, however it was changed back to "American Dreams" when it returned for the second season.

The shows had an original theme song "Generation" it was written and performed by Emerson Hart, lead singer of the band Tonic. The song earned Hart an ASCAP award for Best Theme Song of Television in 2003.

Genre: Action Channel: NBC
Original Run: September 29, 2002 – March 30, 2005
No. of episodes: 61 (Seasons 1-3)
Created By: Jonathan Prince

Main Cast:
  • Helen Pryor – Gail O'Grady
  • John J. "Jack" Pryor – Tom Verica
  • John J. "JJ" Pryor Jr. – Will Estes
  • Margaret "Meg" Pryor – Brittany Snow
  • Patricia "Patty" Pryor – Sarah Ramos
  • William "Will" Pryor – Ethan Dampf
  • Henry Walker – Jonathan Adams
  • Sam Walker – Arlen Escarpeta
  • Elizabeth "Beth" (Mason) Pryor – Rachel Boston
  • Roxanne Bojarski – Vanessa Lengies

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TV Show Intro. || Airwolf

"Here is the opening credit for Airwolf Television show whose middle 80’s classic TV Show written and performed by Sylvester Levay and had a musical score that was orchestral based in the first and early second season episodes."

Airworlf was a codenamed that concerning in supersonic military helicopter and her crew as they undertook various missions, involving in intelligence with a cold war theme. The series was developed by Donald Bellisario who also created Magnum P.I and produced such as Quantum Leap, JAG and NCIS. It was a highly modified Bell 222b, with a number of fiber glass and aluminum sections fitted to give its unique look. However, most of the specially built modifications are still in existence in the depths of Universal Studios that aired in all part of the United States.

Genre: Action Channel: CBS
Original Run: January 22, 1984 – August 07, 1987
No. of episodes:
80 (Seasons 1-4)
Created By:
Donald Bellisario

Main Cast:

  • Jan-Michael Vincent
  • Ernest Borgnine
  • Alex Cord

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