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McHale’s Navy | Television 1962

"This video is coming from 1962 episode which is a 10 minutes TV clip of one of the best series of all-time."

McHale’s Navy was an American TV Sitcom as it ran for 138 half-hour disjunctions which presented in a black and cadaverous anatomy of series. The show sprang from a one-hour drama called seven against the Sea broadcast on April 3, 1962. Aired as an contrivance of Alcoa Presents, a dramatic flowers also known as Fred Astaire's Premiere Theatre and hosted by Fred Astaire, the Anacreontic island Monotype introduces the interview to Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale (played by Borgnine), the commanding officer of the U.S. Navy WWII PT boat-73 stationed at the Pacific island atrocious Taratupa. In the late canter of 1942, the Japanese densely bombed the island and virtually ruined the bad. Only 18 out of the 150 Navy aviators and Marines assigned to the corrupt survived. Trinket the Japanese patrols in the region too cacuminal for the Navy to mount a flight mission, McHale and his men were conditioned to survive by hiding on the island. Assisted by the native tribes whom they befriend, the sailors glow a relatively paradisical island existence. After months of rather leisurely bread and butter, straight-laced, by-the-book Annapolis graduate Lieutenant Durham (Ron Foster) parachutes onto the island. His job is to arrogate duties as McHale's executive officer and help him get the black on Taratupa back into the action.

The producer of this series which is Edward J. Montagne, had adept success to the top-rated series The Phil Silvers Show (1955-59), a military comedy with an opportunistic non-commissioned officer (Sgt. Ernest G. Bilko) and his loyal platoon unbrokenly putting something over on the coarse commander. The Ernest Borgnine pilot had been dramatic, turnout overtones of Henry Fonda's pondering Mister Roberts. Producer Montagne essentially turned the project into "Bilko in the Navy," and even recruited some of the Bilko actors and writers. If Borgnine had any misgivings not far from his show's commute of direction, he hid them well enough and happily played straight-man to the superb comics surrounding him. The final season saw a major differentiate in scenery, as both Binghamton and the 73 and her crew were transferred to the of late liberated Italian theater—a back and fill of assignment that was, in the integral WWII, so celebrated that many military historians disagree as to whether such reassignments ever actually happened. (Only high-ranking officers in the Army Air Force were transferred to Europe from the Pacific). The addition of the clever moneymaking schemes of the Mayor Mario Lugatto (Jay Novello) and citizens of the coastal city of Voltafiore worse the plot twists. Colonel Douglas Harrigan (Henry Beckman) represented the US Army and was at inside track symposium McHale.

Genre: Comedy Channel: ABC
Original Run: October 11, 1962 – April 12, 1966
No. of episodes: 138 (Seasons 4)
Hosted By: Fred Astaire

Main Cast:

  • Ernest Borgnine – Quinton McHale
  • William Bramley – Bosun Gallagher
  • Ron Foster – Lieutenant Durham
  • Steve Harris – Plumber Harris
  • Juan Hernandez – Crew Member
  • Gary Vinson – Christy Christopher
  • Bobby Wright – Willy Moss
  • Edson Stroll – Virgil Edwards

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