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Wings | Small Clip

"It was a smal video clip from this show, Wings"

Wings is an American sitcom which starred by Timothy Daly and Steven Webber they’ve played as brothers Joe and Brian Hackett. The set was to be fictional at Tom Nevers Field on a small airport in Nantucket, Massachusetts where they worked the Sandpiper Airlines. The exterior of this show was on Natucket Memorial Airport while the interior scenes have filmed on a sound stage.

The sitcom be written and produced by David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee who were also the writers and producer on other TV Show, called Cheers. It also described as Cheers 2 where much of the pattern as other series did is all the same. Some of the characters on Cheers series has also appeared as a guest star on this sitcom that produced by Paramount Television which aired in all part of the US.

Genre: Comedy Channel: NBC
Original Run: April 19, 1990 – May 21, 1997
No. of episodes: 172 (Seasons 8)
Created By: David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee

Main Cast:

  • Joe Hackett (Timothy Daly) – is a neurotic, compulsively neat pilot who runs a charter flight business called "Sandpiper Air" on Nantucket Island.
  • Brian Hackett (Steven Webber) – is the more carefree of the Hackett brothers.
  • Helen Chappel Hackett (Crystal Bernard) – is a petite blonde who, despite having lived on Nantucket for most of her life, speaks with a Texas drawl.
  • Fay Evelyn Schlob Dumbly DeVay Cochran (Rebecca Schull) – She is Joe's only employee besides Brian.
  • Roy Beggins (David Schramm) – is the owner of aero mass, the only other airline on Nantucket, and a larger business than Sandpiper, although Roy had been unable to break into the lucrative business of charter flights.
  • Antonio Scarpacci (Tony Shalhoub) – an Italian immigrant who provides taxi service to and from the airport.
  • Lowell Mather (Thomas Haden Church) – is a rather dim-witted and somewhat eccentric mechanic/handyman who works at the airport and is available to everyone when repairs are needed.
  • Alex Lambert (Farrah Forke) – is a helicopter pilot who moves to Nantucket to start her own helicopter tour business.
  • Casey Chappel (Amy Yasbeck) – is Helen's older sister. She returns to Nantucket after being abandoned by her husband, Stuart Davenport, but she has difficulty adjusting her upper crust tastes and sensibilities to a working glass life on the small island.
  • Budd Bronski (Brian Haley) – is an ex-military man who is hired to replace Lowell.

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