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Scrubs | The series moments

"This is a video about scrubs taking clips from season 6 episode 11 of the hit TV series scrubs enjoy."

Scrubs were an American comedy TV series which focused on the professional and personal lives of several characters whose working at Sacred Heart, Hospital. The show features verbose characters of slapstick, fast-paced dialogs, and surreal vignettes which presented as the daydreams of the main characters. However, it was originally focused on the character of Dr. John “J.D.” Michael Dorian on the latter part of the series before they expanded to other characters as the series progressed.

The story was all about the thematically linked via voice covers by protagonist and narrator as well, Dr. John “J.D.” Michael Dorian played by Zach Braff. It was also notable for its use of single camera setup for filming not like other to multiple camera setups which is more traditional setup for situation comedies. On the end of most episodes, Dr. J.D. summarizes the story's moral or theme in sequence of shots on how it affected each of the characters. The TV sitcom was also featured some of the Hollywood stars such as Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser, and Heather Graham which is not generally seen on episodic television.

Genre: Comedy Channel: NBC
Original Run:
October 2, 2001 – October 25, 2007
No. of episodes: 145 (Seasons 7)
Created By: Bill Lawrence

Main Cast:

  • Dr. John “J.D.” Michael Dorian – Zach Braff
  • Elliot Reid – Sarah Chalke
  • Dr. Christopher Turk – Donald Faison
  • Carla Espinosa – Judy Reyes
  • Dr. Percival “Perry” Cox – John C. Mcginley
  • Dr. Bob Kelso – Ken Jenkins
  • Janitor – Neil Flynn

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Transformers | Optimus Prime VS Megatron

Optimus Prime and Megatron's final showdown in Transformers"
Transformers are an American (Hasbro company) animated TV series depicting a war between giant robots which could transform into vehicles, animals, and other objects. The series was originally animated in Japan and South Korea, and based on the transforming toys that created by Japanese manufacturer, Takara. In Japan the series called Tatakae! Cho Robot Seimetai transformers which means “Fight! Super robot life form transformer” for season 1 and 2, transformers 2010 for season 3.
The story revealed on four million years ago, where life existed in the form of sentient robots that called Transformers. On a distant planet called Cybertron there’s two clans are existed and they are Autobots which led by Optimus Prime who wished for peaceful co-existence. The second are the Decepticons under the command of Megatron that aim for universal conquest. These two clans are involved in ages old war supremacy.

For the list of characters that appear in the original American transformers cartoon which first aired between 1984 to 1987 visit; The Transformers Characters.

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