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Mission Impossible | The Kane Triplets


Mission Impossible is an American TV Series that follows on a team of secrets American government agents, called Impossible Mission Force (IMF) and led by Peter Graves. The series was aired on CBS during 1966 – 1973 and returned on television for two seasons in 1988 – 1990 which broadcast on ABC. It was forms against combat dictators, evil organizations, and crime lords. Sometimes, the agents also showed some conducting unsanctioned and private missions on behalf on its members.

The exact branch of the government overseeing the IMF is never identified, and in the 1980s revival it was suggested the IMF is an independent agency. . The IMF Director answered to "the Secretary," whom the mission voice said "would disavow any knowledge of your actions" in the event "you or any of your IM Force" were to get "caught or killed," but exactly which secretary was never indicated.

The theme of the series was considered to be one of the most iconic TV themes which is composed by Lalo Schifrin.

Genre: Action Channel: CBS and ABC
Original Run:
September 1966 – March 1973 / 1988 - 1990
No. of episodes: 206 (Seasons 9)
Created By: Bruce Geller

Main Cast:

  • Peter Graves – Jim Phelps
  • Thaao Penghlis – Nicholas Black
  • Antony Hamilton – Max Harte (credited as Tony Hamilton)
  • Phil Morris – Grant Collier
  • Terry Markwell – Casey Randall (early episodes 1988–1989 season)
  • Jane Badler – Shannon Reed (1989 - 1990)
  • Bob Johnson – Voice on Disc (voice only)

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The Paper Chase Video

"Kingsfield disciplines Hart in Foucauldian fashion"
The Paper Chase was an American TV series that based on 1970 novel as well on 1973 filmed. The series follows the lives of the main character James T. Hart who is law student and it also follows the lives James classmate at New England Law School.

The plot of this story, James T. Hart was a first year law student whose rural Iowa education had not prepared him for the intensity that he found at his highly competitive law school. James nemesis was his Professor Charles Kingsfield, the world's leading authority on contract law, who inspired both awe and fear in his students.

Because of the heavy worked, he was joined on a study group that consisting of other students who also working student and they are both sharing notes and assignments. Frankilin Ford III is the one who organized the group and would be the third generation of lawyer coming from prominent family. On Ernie’s Pizza which he also had a part time job, he met Carol who is admired him but couldn’t understand his deep devotion on his studies.

Genre: Drama Channel: CBS
Original Run:
September 9, 1978 – August 9, 1986
No. of episodes: 60 (Seasons 4)
Created By: John Jay Osborn, Jr.

Main Cast:

  • John Houseman – Professor Charles W. Kingfield, Jr.
  • James Stephens – James T. Hart
  • Tom Fitzsimmons – Franklin Ford III
  • James Keane – Willis Bell
  • Clare Kirkconnell – Rita Harriman
  • Michael Tucci – Gerald Golden
  • Wortham Krimmer – Martin Zeiss
  • Steve Levitt – William Stotz
  • Andra Millian – Laura
  • Betty Harford – Mrs. Nottingham

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