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Thirtysomething Theme

"TV series about couples in their thirties"

Thirty Something is an American award-winning drama TV series which is about a group of baby boomers in their thirties during the late 1980’s. The title of the show was been designed by Kathie Broyles who combined the title into one phase word, “thirtysomething”. The series bonded by their involvement with peace movement and counterculture of the 1960s during the youth which marked as contrast to their current lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The series revolved around on the character of Michael that played by Ken Olin and to Hope Steadman which played by Mel Harris who provide as the focal point of the group. During on the popularity of the series it gives influenced to the film, “The Big Chill” during 1983. Which reflects the angst felt by the baby boomers and yuppies in the United States which changing the expectation that related to masculinity and femininity that introduced during the second-wave era of feminism. Have you know that even in canceled the show in 1991 it continued to influence the television programming into everything from the look and sound of the TV advertisements. And these are to other series with the gracious sensibilities and preoccupations with the transition through childhood to maturity, to place certain comedy of about groups of friends who talks all the time.

Genre: Drama Channel: ABC
Original Run: September 29, 1987 – May 28, 1991
No. of episodes: 85 (Seasons 4)

Main Cast:

  • Michael Steadman – Ken Olin
  • Hope Murdock Steadman – Mel Harris
  • Melissa Steadman – Melanie Mayron
  • Elliot Weston – Timothy Busfield
  • Nancy Krieger Weston – Patricia Wettig
  • Ellyn Warren – Polly Draper
  • Gary Shepherd – Peter Horton
  • Susannah Hart Shepherd – Patricia Kalember
  • Miles Drentell – David Clennon

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A Tribute To "The Rifleman", songs by Johnny Crawford

"The tribute to the classic black and white format of the western TV series program"

The Rifleman is a western TV Series program under the production of Four Star Television that ran from 1958 to 1963. The series is starred by the main character, Lucas McCain who is Lieutenant in the 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment and homesteader of the Civil War. The starred character has the son named, Mark who lived on a ranch outside fictitious town of North Fork which under New Mexico Territory.

The pilot episode of this series was set in the 1880s and a wooden plaque next to the home stated that it was rebuilt by Lucas McCain and his son Mark in August, 1881. The show’s gimmick was a modified Winchester rifle with a trigger mechanism which allowing for rapid fire shots. The TV series holds up better than most Westerns of its generation maybe because Connors fit so well into the role and another one the father and son relationship was seem genuine. The series has also an excellent musical score which is considered one of the most remembered aspects of the series which is originally composed by Herschel Burke Gilbert.

Genre: Western Channel: ABC
Original Run: September 30, 1958 – April 8, 1963
No. of episodes: 168 (Seasons 5)

Main Cast:
  • Chuck Connors – Lucas McCain
  • Johnny Crawford – Mark McCain
  • Paul Fix – Marshall Micah Torrance

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