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Grey's Anatomy Signature Scene

"One of the most tear-jerking scenes in Grey's Anatomy"

Grey’s Anatomy won both on Emmy and Golden Globe Awards which is an American primitive television medical drama. It revolves the series around Dr. Meredith Grey, who began the show as a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital in Seattle, USA. She is a woman trying her best to lead a real life while doing a job that makes having a real life impossible.

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Mean while, in the recent news about this TV shows it might possible that Dr. Meredith Grey could be pregnant? Well, let find out since its no clarifications has been out about the finale of the season five. Although I had a hint that it could be possible for the reason, just to make the series more appealing to their viewers. For sure it will be a much awaited and well ended series of the year for the history of American television series…

Genre: Drama Channel: ABC
Original Run: March 27, 2005 – Present
No. of episodes: 78 (Seasons 4) – the season 5 is still ongoing.
Created: Shonda Rhimes

Main Cast:


  • George O'Malley – T. R. Knight
  • Lexie Grey – Chyler Leigh


  • Meredith Grey – Ellen Pompeo
  • Christina Yang – Sandra Oh
  • Izzie Stevens – Katherine Heigl
  • Alex Karev – Justin Chambers
  • Miranda Bailey – Chandra Wilson
  • Callie Torres – Sara Ramírez


  • Richard Webber – James Pickens, Jr.
  • Derek Shepherd – Patrick Dempsey
  • Mark Sloan – Eric Dane
  • Erica Hahn – Brooke Smith
  • Addison Montgomery – Kate Walsh
  • Preston Burke – Isaiah Washington

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