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American Idol 2010 - American Idol Season 9

American Idol 2010
AMERICAN IDOL is a famous and well recognized reality television show that search and boost for the solo musical talent. It was produced by Simon Fuller, a British artist manager and television producer of a well known reality based search in the state of America. On June 11, 2002 were the first appearance of the reality show entitled American Idol: The search for a Superstar. The program aspires to find out the finest and paramount soloist in the nation through a series of nationwide audition and test which led to much awaiting battle. The format of the show originally featured three popular judges: Randy Jackson a music manager and Grammy award winning record producer; Paula Abdul  a American pop singer and television personality; and  lastly the board of critics which been a judges for the entire series and multi -award winning music executive and music manger Simon Cowell. The show was airs in unusual time correspond to its place and was hosted by an America radio and television host Ryan Seacrest. The management aims the show to hold continuously its dominating lead in ratings and looking forward for the next AMERICAN IDOL!
Here’s the latest updates regarding on the flow of the contest, American Idol Season 9 2010.  Recently this week, Angela Martin has been out from the American Idol Top 24 but it doesn’t mean it’s over for her career as a good singer. In fact, after she performed on Ellen’s talkshow, Ellen announced a surprise for her that Kara is going to write her a song and produce as well for her record label. Hopefully, this will be a good start for her career as a professional singer. Meanwhile, take a look for the full interview of Angela Martin at Ellen TV Show.
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